Zero Touch Mesh

Zero Touch Mesh allows customers to skip the mesh configuration priming process, enabling Mesh APs already installed in their permanent locations to auto-discover, auto-provision and auto-form a mesh network without priming.

In most installations, Unleashed APs that are destined to become Mesh APs need to first be primed prior to deployment. They are first manually connected to the controller (Unleashed Master AP) via Ethernet to receive the provisioning parameters (Mesh SSID and PSK passphrase), and then unplugged from Ethernet and installed at their desired location.

Once installed, Mesh APs perform network discovery and associate to another Mesh AP (RAP, MAP or eMAP) that is beaconing the provisioned Mesh SSID.

This manual procedure can be skipped using the Zero Touch Mesh feature.

Figure 152  Enabling Zero Touch Mesh