Configuring Gateway Mode

The Unleashed Master AP must be in factory default state to enable Gateway mode, and Gateway mode can only be configured during the Setup Wizard.

To configure the Unleashed Master AP as a Gateway:
  1. In factory default state, connect to the Unleashed Master AP and perform the initial setup as described in Step 2: Log In and Run the Setup Wizard.
  2. On the second wizard screen, Management IP, in Gateway Mode, select Enabled.
  3. Designate which port will be the WAN (uplink) port. The Gateway AP must have at least two Ethernet ports. Use the AP illustration below to identify which port is LAN1 and LAN2 on the AP, and select the relevant port from the Select WAN Port list.
  4. Configure how the WAN (uplink) port obtains its IP address:
    • Dynamic (DHCP): When Dynamic is selected, the WAN port is assigned an IP address automatically.
    • Static (Manual): When Static is selected, enter an IP Address, Netmask and Gateway address in the required fields, and optionally enter primary/secondary DNS server addresses.
    • PPPoE: When PPPoE is selected, enter the PPPoE Username and PPPoE Password in the fields provided.
  5. Configure local subnet settings for the LAN port:
    • LAN Port IP: Enter the IP address for the LAN port.
    • LAN Port Netmask: Enter the Netmask.
    • Starting IP: Enter the first IP address that will be issued in this scope.
    • Number of IPs: Enter the total number of addresses in this scope.
    • Lease Time: Select a duration for IP address lease time from the list.
  6. Click Next, and continue to complete the setup wizard. Once setup is complete, the gateway AP will begin providing DHCP and NAT service for clients, and clients will be assigned IP addresses from the DHCP scope that you configured.

    Gateway mode