Zero-IT™ and DPSK™ Settings

Ruckus Wireless Zero-IT Activation™ allows network users to self-activate their devices for secure access to your wireless networks with no manual configuration required by the network administrator.

Once your Unleashed network is set up, you need only direct users to the Activation URL, and they will be able to automatically authenticate themselves to securely access your wireless LAN.

Dynamic PSK™ (DPSK) is a unique Ruckus Wireless feature that enhances the security of normal Pre-shared Key (PSK) wireless networks. Unlike typical PSK networks, which share a single key amongst all devices, a Dynamic PSK network assigns a unique key to every authenticated user. Therefore, when a person leaves the organization, network administrators do not need to change the key on every device. Dynamic PSK offers the following benefits over standard PSK security:

DPSKs can be created in bulk and manually distributed to users and devices, or they can be sent as part of the Zero-IT automatic provisioning file that is sent when a client connects to the network for the first time using Zero-IT Activation (see Enabling Zero-IT for a WLAN).

Configuring the AAA service for the Zero-IT feature is performed through the Zero-IT Activation tab under Wi-Fi Networks Global Settings.

Zero-IT Authentication Server configuration