Step 3: Customize Your Wireless LANs

Once the Unleashed Master AP has been initialized, you can fine-tune the settings of your first WLAN (that you created during the setup wizard), and create any additional WLANs needed prior to attaching additional Unleashed member APs. Then, when you deploy additional member APs in whatever order you prefer, they will automatically retrieve all WLAN configuration settings (and any other settings you have configured) from the Unleashed Master AP.

To customize an existing wireless LAN:

  1. From the Dashboard, click anywhere in the WiFi Networks section to expand the display of your deployed WLANs.

    Click the WiFi networks section to expand

  2. Select the WLAN box from the list on the left, and click the Edit button to edit the WLAN's settings.

    Select WLAN and click Edit to configure the WLAN settings

  3. Configure the following WLAN settings:
    • Name: Enter a recognizable Name for this WLAN.
    • Usage Type: Select Standard for most typical wireless network usage scenarios. Select Guest Access to create a Guest WLAN, or select Hotspot to create a Hotspot WLAN.
    • Authentication: Select Open, for open authentication, or authenticate users against an external authentication server using 802.1X or MAC address.
    • Authentication Server: Select an AAA server (or Local Database) to authenticate users when 8021.X or MAC authentication method is selected.
    • Encryption Method: Select WPA2 for standard wireless security. Select None for no encryption.
    • Passphrase: Enter a WPA2 password for use when connecting to this WLAN if WPA2 is selected.
    Note: For information on additional WLAN configuration options, see WLAN Configuration.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.
  5. Repeat for any additional WLANs you would like to create. All WLANs will be deployed to each new member AP as soon as it joins the Unleashed network.

    Configure your first WLAN

Congratulations! Your Unleashed network is now configured and ready for use. You may now proceed to Creating a New WLAN, or Step 4: Deploy Additional Unleashed Member Access Points