Creating a Guest Access Service

Each guest WLAN must be associated with a Guest Access Service, which defines the behavior of the guest WLAN interface.

To create a Guest Access Service:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Guest Access Service.
    Note: Alternatively, go to WiFi Networks > WLAN > Create, select Guest Access, and in Guest Access Service, click Create New.
  2. In the first tab, click Create New to configure a guest access service.
  3. In the Create New form that appears, on the General tab, enter a Name for the guest service.
  4. In Onboarding Portal, choose which options to display in the BYOD Onboarding Portal. See Using the BYOD Onboarding Portal.
  5. In Authentication, choose whether to use guest pass authentication or no authentication:
    • Use guest pass authentication: Redirect the user to a page requiring the user to enter a valid guest pass before allowing access to the guest WLAN. See Working with Guest Passes.
    • No authentication: Do not require redirection and guest pass validation.
  6. Under Terms of Use, select the Show terms of use check box to require the guest user to read and accept your terms of use prior to use. Type (or cut and paste) your terms of use into the large text box.
  7. Under Redirection, select one of the following radio buttons to use/not use redirection:
    • Redirect to the URL that the user intends to visit: Allows the guest user to continue to their destination without redirection.
    • Redirect to the following URL: Redirect the user to a specified web page (entered into the text box) prior to forwarding them to their destination. When guest users land on this page, they are shown the expiration time for their guest pass.
  8. On the Customization tab, customize any of the following optional configuration settings:
    • Web Portal Logo: Upload a logo to replace the Ruckus logo.
    • Guest Access Customization: Enter text to display on the welcome page.
  9. On the Restricted Subnet Access tab, configure access controls for guest users. See Configuring Guest Subnet Restrictions for more information.
  10. Click OK to save your settings.

    Click Create New to create a new Guest Access service

    Creating a new Guest Access Service

    Create New Guest Access Service - bottom

  11. Continue to Deploying a Guest WLAN.