Working with Guest Passes

Guest passes are temporary privileges granted to guests to access your wireless LANs. Unleashed provides many options for customizing guest passes, controlling who is allowed to issue guest passes, and controlling the scope of access to be granted.

With Guest Pass authentication enabled, guests are required to enter a guest pass code when connecting to a guest WLAN. Temporary guest passes can be issued for single users, multiple users, one-time login, time-limited multiple logins for a single guest user, or can be configured so that a single guest pass can be shared by multiple users. Additionally, they can be batch generated if many short-term guest passes need to be created at once.

Guest passes can be delivered in any of the following ways:
Note: To enable guest pass delivery via email or SMS, you must first configure an email server or an SMS delivery account (Twilio or Clickatell) from the Email tab or the SMS tab.