Configuring Mesh Settings

To configure Mesh settings, select the check box next to Enable Mesh. Optionally, you can change the Mesh Name (ESSID) and the Mesh Passphrase, or click Generate to generate a new random Mesh passphrase.

Note: Once you have enabled Mesh, you cannot disable it again without resetting the Unleashed Master AP to factory defaults (see Restore to Factory Settings).
Note: If you enabled Mesh during the Setup Wizard process, you do not need to configure it again here.
Note: Mesh APs cannot be members of a Smart Redundancy pair. In other words, a Mesh AP cannot also be the Unleashed Master or Standby Master. The Unleashed Master and Standby Master can also be Root APs in a Mesh topology.
Note: Unleashed R310 does not support Mesh.

Mesh settings