Creating a Bonjour Gateway Service

The Bonjour Gateway service is essentially a list of rules for mapping services from one VLAN to another. Using the Bonjour Gateway feature, the Unleashed AP serves as the Bonjour proxy for forwarding Bonjour packets to the designated VLANs.

To configure rules for bridging Bonjour services across VLANs:

  1. Go to Enhanced Service > Bonjour Gateway.
  2. Enable the check box next to Enable Bonjour gateway on AP.
  3. Click Create New to create a new Bonjour service.
  4. Enter a Name and optionally a Description for the service.
  5. Click Create New to create a new rule.
  6. In the Create New form, configure the following options:
    • Bridge Service: Select the Bonjour service from the list.
      • Selecting "Other" allows you to create custom rules, for example, creating a rule for "_googlecast._tcp" would allow you to bridge Chromecast services across VLANs.
    • From VLAN: Select the VLAN from which the Bonjour service will be advertised.
    • To VLAN: Select the VLAN to which the service should be made available.
    • Notes: Add optional notes for this rule.
  7. Click OK to save your changes.
  8. Repeat for any additional rules.
  9. Click Apply to save the Bonjour Service.

    Bonjour Gateway configuration

    Create new Bonjour service