Bonjour Gateway

Bonjour is Apple's implementation of a zero-configuration networking protocol for Apple devices over IP. It allows OS X and iOS devices to locate other devices such as printers, file servers and other clients on the same broadcast domain and use the services offered without any network configuration required.

Multicast applications such as Bonjour require special consideration when being deployed over wireless networks. Bonjour only works within a single broadcast domain, which is usually a small area. This is by design to prevent flooding a large network with multicast traffic. However, in some situations, a user may want to offer Bonjour services from one VLAN to another.

The Bonjour Gateway feature addresses this requirement by providing an mDNS proxy service configurable from the web interface to allow administrators to specify which types of Bonjour services can be accessed from/to which VLANs.

In order for the Bonjour Gateway to function, the following network configuration requirements must be met:

Additionally, if the VLANs to be bridged by the gateway are on separate subnets the network has to be configured to route traffic between them.