enable super-user-password

Allows complete read-and-write access to the system.


enable super-user-password [ password ]
no enable super-user-password [ password ]

Command Default

Complete read-write access to the system is not configured.


Alphanumeric password string.


Global configuration mode

Usage Guidelines

You can set one password for each of the management privilege levels: Super User level, Port Configuration level, and Read Only level. The enable super-user-password command is generally for system administrators only. The Super User privilege level allows you to configure passwords.

You also can configure up to 16 user accounts consisting of a username and password, and assign each user account to one of the three privilege levels.

You must set the Super User level password before you can set other types of passwords.

You must use the CLI to assign a password for management privilege levels. You cannot assign a password using the Web Management Interface.

The no form of the command removes the configured password access.


The following example shows how to set the Super User level password.

device(config)# enable super-user-password password1