chassis fanless-mode-enable

Enables chassis fanless (Quiet) mode that sets the device to operate with the fan disabled while providing a PoE budget of 150 watts.


chassis fanless-mode-enable { unit-id | all-units }
no chassis fanless-mode-enable { unit-id | all-units }

Command Default

Fanless mode is disabled.


Enables fanless mode for a specified unit.
Enables fanless mode in all supported units of stack. In 08.0.60 release, this option is not applicable as stacking is not supported.


Global configuration mode

Usage Guidelines

The fanless mode is supported only on ICX 7150-24P and ICX 7150-48P devices.

Fanless mode can be enabled only if the PoE power allocation is less than or equal to 150W. If the PoE power allocation is more than 150W, you must unplug or remove the PoE interfaces manually and reduce PoE power allocation to less than or equal to 150W before enabling the fanless mode.

When fanless mode is enabled, the fan speed is set to zero RPM.

The no form of the command resets the fan speed to auto and reinstates the PoE budget to the default value.


The following example enables fanless mode on the device.

device(config)# chassis fanless-mode-enable 1


Release version Command history
08.0.60 This command was introduced.