Enables support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) legacy power-consuming devices.


no legacy-inline-power

Command Default

PoE devices automatically support most legacy power-consuming devices (devices not compliant with 802.3af and 802.3at), as well as all 802.3af- and 802.3at-compliant devices.


Global configuration mode

Stack configuration mode

Usage Guidelines

The command does not require a software reload if it is entered prior to connecting the Powered Devices (PDs). If the command is entered after the PDs are connected, the configuration must be saved (write memory) and the software must be reloaded after the change goes into effect.

By default, the legacy-inline-power command reserves 30 watts.

When you disable legacy support, 802.3af- and 802.3at-compliant devices are not affected.

The no form of the command disables support for PoE legacy power-consuming devices.


The following example enables support for legacy power-consuming devices on a nonstackable device.

device(config)# legacy-inline-power