Verifying/Approving New APs

  1. Go to Access Points. The Access Points page appears, showing the first 15 access points that have been approved or are awaiting approval. If ZoneDirector is managing more than 15 access points, the Show More button at the bottom of the list will be active. To display more access points in the list, click Show More. When all access points are displayed on the page, the Show More button disappears.
  2. Review the Access Points table.
    • If the Approval check box is checked, all new APs should be listed in the table, and their Status should be "Connected."
    • If the Automatic AP Approval option is disabled, all new APs will be listed, but their status will be “Approval Pending."
  3. Under the Action column, click Allow . After the status is changed from “Disconnected” to “Connected,” the new AP is activated and ready for use.
Figure 12  Access Points - top