Guest WLANs

By creating a Guest WLAN, visitors to your organization can be allowed limited (or unlimited) access to your wireless network, with configurable guest access policies.

Visitors can be given the option to self-activate their devices using Social Media login, a Self-Service Guest Pass, or to authenticate to any of your internal WLANs using Zero-IT activation via the BYOD Onboarding Portal.

Unleashed provides the following options for different types of Guest WLANs:

  • No authentication (open WLAN): Any client can connect, no password is required.
  • Social Media Login: Visitors login using existing social media account to access the wireless network.
  • Authentication with shared key: Any client can connect using the same shared password.
  • Authentication with unique key (Guest Pass): Guest Pass keys must be generated for each guest, either by an admin (guest pass operator), or using the Self-Service Guest Pass feature.
    • Admin generated: Each Guest Pass has to be generated by a guest pass operator.
    • Self-service: Users can self-authenticate their clients to the guest WLAN, in one of two ways:
      • No sponsor approval: No restrictions. Any client can request a Guest Pass, and it will be provided immediately.
      • Sponsor approval: Guests are required to request a Guest Pass, which must be approved by a sponsor before being delivered to the user via email or SMS.