Gateway Mode

An Unleashed AP must have at least two Ethernet ports to support Gateway mode.

Gateway mode provides a solution for SMB customers who need to provide private IP addresses for clients and do not have an existing gateway router, or who connect to their ISP over PPPoE. Enable Gateway mode to provide Network Address Translation (NAT) and DHCP functionality to assign private IP addresses to member APs and clients.

If Gateway mode is enabled, the maximum number of APs in an Unleashed network is 25, even if the Master AP could otherwise support more.
Figure 162  Gateway mode topology

Gateway functionality can be restored with minimum user intervention when a Gateway Master AP is out of service. If the Gateway Master AP goes down, simply replace it with one of the member APs and connect the uplink Ethernet cable to the WAN port, and the member AP will become the new gateway.

If the gateway recovery mechanism does not work, you can still access the new Master AP's web UI to configure it manually.