The Access Points > Global Edit > Others page provides the following options:

  • Preferred Master: Select a specific AP to be the Master AP and, if the preferred Master AP reboots, it will resume the role of Master AP again once it rejoins the Unleashed network. By default, there is no preference as to which AP should become the Master AP; the first AP that is deployed automatically becomes the Master AP. Using the Preferred Master setting, users can configure one AP to have priority. Any (non-mesh) AP can become the Master if the preferred Master is offline, but when the Preferred Master comes back online, it will assume the Master role again.
  • Model Specific Control: Select which AP model to configure from the drop-down list. The options below can be configured independently for each Unleashed AP model.
  • Max Clients: Enter the maximum number of clients per AP.
  • Status LEDs: Enable this option to disable the status LEDs on the AP. This can be useful if your APs are installed in a public location and you don't want to draw attention to them.
Figure 103  Configuring other global AP settings