Using the BYOD Onboarding Portal

The Onboarding Portal feature provides a series of intuitive option screens allowing mobile users to choose whether to connect devices to a Guest WLAN or to self-configure their mobile devices to authenticate to an internal WLAN using Zero-IT activation.

To enable the Onboarding Portal for mobile devices:

  1. Expand the Wi-Fi Networks section of the Dashboard.
  2. Select an existing guest WLAN and click Edit or click Create to configure a new guest WLAN.
  3. Enable the check box next to Onboarding Portal to enable Zero-IT device registration from the Guest Portal.
  4. Select one of the following options to display when connecting to the Onboarding Portal:
    • Guest Pass + Device Registration: Show both buttons.
    • Device Registration: Show Zero-IT Device Registration button only.
  5. If Guest Pass is enabled, configure Guest Pass options as described in Working with Guest Passes.
  6. Click Next to continue to the next guest WLAN configuration page.
  7. Optionally, configure additional guest WLAN settings, and click OK to apply.
    Note: For information on these settings, see Deploying a Guest WLAN.

    Enable Onboarding Portal

When a client connects to the open Guest WLAN for the first time, the Ruckus Onboarding Portal page is displayed. The screen displays one or both of the following options, depending on your choice in Step 4 above:

The Onboarding Portal for mobile devices

If the user clicks the Guest Access button, the process is the same as when connecting to a Guest WLAN and all settings on the Guest Access configuration page will be put into effect.

Guest Access welcome and terms of use screens

If the user clicks the Register Device button, the web page will be redirected to the WLAN Connection Activation page, from which the user can enter user name and password to activate this device. A Zero-IT activation file is generated for download once the client device is registered with Unleashed.

Activate device using the WLAN Connection Activation screen, and download activation file

After running the downloaded Zero-IT file, the device will be configured with the settings to automatically connect to the secure internal/corporate WLAN.

Note: You may need to manually switch from the guest WLAN to the secure WLAN after activation (on some mobile devices).
Note: You may need to manually delete any previously installed Zero-IT activation files before a new one can be run. On some devices (including some Android versions), the activation file will not run if an older existing package of the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed.