Online Upgrade

Use the Online Upgrade method to upgrade your Unleashed network with the latest firmware available from the Ruckus Unleashed firmware server.

To upgrade the Unleashed Master AP and all connected Unleashed member APs using the Online Upgrade method, use the following procedure:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Administer > Upgrade.

    The Upgrade page

  2. Select Online Upgrade.
  3. Select one of the available firmware versions from the Select firmware version drop-down menu.
    Note: Optionally, select Auto reboot the system to automatically reboot each AP after the firmware has been deployed to the AP. By default this option is enabled. You may want to disable this option if you would prefer to wait until all APs have the new firmware before rebooting them all at once (i.e., if you have multiple Unleashed AP models that require different firmware image files, you can choose to reboot all Unleashed R710 APs as soon as the firmware is loaded and then move on to R500 APs, or you could choose to wait and reboot all models at once at the end.)
  4. Click Upgrade to begin upgrading the Unleashed APs shown in the list.
  5. The Upgrade Progress column displays the progress for each AP. Once completed, the column will display "Success 100%" next to each AP for which the upgrade was successful.

    Upgrade successful, click Reboot to reboot the APs and apply the new firmware

  6. When all of the APs in the list are displayed as "Success 100%" in the Upgrade Progress column, click Reboot. A "Rebuilding the Unleashed Network" progress screen appears. Wait until the process completes.

    "Rebuilding the Unleashed Network" progress screen

  7. Once complete, you will be redirected to the Unleashed login page.
  8. Log in and go to Admin & Services > System > System Info to confirm the new software build number.