Step 1: Unpack and Install the Unleashed Master AP

  1. Choose which Unleashed AP will become the Unleashed Master AP (the AP that performs all of the control functions of your Unleashed network). Any Unleashed AP can be the Master.
    Note: Do NOT connect multiple APs to power and the network all at once. In the initial setup stage, you should choose one AP as the Master AP and connect it to the network and power, and then complete the initial setup steps on this Master AP before connecting any other APs. Once setup is complete, you can continue connecting other APs to power and the network.
  2. Perform the hardware installation according to the instructions in the Unleashed Access Point Quick Setup Guide that is included in the box with each Unleashed AP.
  3. Once powered on and connected to the local network, the Unleashed AP boots up and begins broadcasting a temporary unencrypted WLAN named "ConfigureMe-[xxxxxx]".
    Note: DNS-spoof is enabled on the AP to intercept DNS queries and respond with the Master AP's IP address. Clients associated to this temporary WLAN do not have Internet access.