Running a SpeedFlex Performance Test on a Wireless Client

You can test the wireless throughput to a client using the SpeedFlex tool.

To do so, you will need to install and run the SpeedFlex application on the client device.

  1. Expand the Clients menu.
  2. Select a client device from the list and click Speed Test.

    Select a client and click Speed Test

  3. A Speed Test dialog appears. Click Start to begin.
  4. If the SpeedFlex application is not already running on the client, follow the instructions to install and run the application on your client device.

    The client does not have SpeedFlex running

  5. Download the SpeedFlex application for your Operating System. Choices are:
    • Windows
    • Mac (Intel)
    • Android

    Download SpeedFlex

  6. Install and run the application.
  7. With the application running, click Retry.

    Click Retry

  8. When the test is complete, the average Downlink and Uplink speed results are displayed along with packet loss percentages.

    SpeedFlex results