Requiring Sponsor Approval for Self-Service Guest Pass Authentication

If the "Sponsor Approval" option is enabled, when the user connects to the WLAN, he or she submits registration information along with a Sponsor's email address and waits for sponsor approval.

The Sponsor receives an email request and clicks a link to allow this user access to the guest WLAN. Once the registration is approved, Unleashed then generates a guest pass and sends it to the user via email and/or SMS using the contact information the user provided.
Note: If using Sponsor Approval, Unleashed must be configured with your SMTP settings for email delivery, or with a valid Twilio or Clickatell account to deliver guest passes via SMS. See Delivering Guest Passes via Email and Delivering Guest Passes via SMSfor more information.
When a user connects to a guest WLAN with Sponsor Approval enabled, the New Guest Registration page displays an additional mandatory field, Sponsor's email.

New Guest Registration page - with Sponsor Approval enabled

To request, approve and activate a sponsor-approved guest pass, use following procedure:

  1. On the New Guest Registration screen, enter your Name, Mobile number and Email address.
  2. Enter the sponsor's email address and click Submit. A guest pass request email is sent to the sponsor's address, and the Guest Access request submitted screen is displayed.

    Guest Access Request Submitted page

  3. The sponsor will then receive an email requesting approval for guest pass activation.
  4. As the sponsor, open the email and click the link to open the Sponsor/Approver Authentication page.

    Sponsor Accept Email

  5. On the Sponsor/Approver Authentication page, enter a valid User Name and Password and click Log in to continue.
    Note: This user name and password must exist on the Authentication Server (Local Database, Active Directory, or RADIUS) configured for this guest access service.

    Sponsor Login

  6. Upon successful login, the Guest Pass Approval page appears, displaying the name, phone and email addresses of all pending guest pass requests. Select the check boxes next to each guest pass you wish to approve, set the Duration for each, and click Approve to approve them.

    Guest Pass Approval

  7. Approving a guest pass triggers delivery of an email (and/or SMS message) containing the guest pass code to the guest.
  8. As a guest user, open this email and copy the Guest Pass code to the clipboard.

    Guest pass activation email

  9. Launch a web browser and browse to any URL. You will be redirected to the Welcome login page.
  10. Enter the Guest Pass code received in the activation email (or SMS) and click Submit.

    Enter Guest Pass code and click Submit

  11. You have successfully authenticated to this guest network using the guest pass provided. Click Continue to complete activation and continue to your original destination URL.

    Click Continue to begin using the wireless network