Generating and Delivering a Single Guest Pass

You can provide the following instructions to users with guest pass generation privileges.

A single guest pass can be used for one-time login, time-limited multiple logins for a single guest user, or can be configured so that a single guest pass can be shared by multiple users.

Note: The following procedure will guide you through generating and delivering a guest pass. For instructions on how to generate multiple guest passes, see Generating and Printing Multiple Guest Passes at Once.
Note: If printing the guest pass, make sure that your computer is connected to a local or network printer before starting.

To generate a single guest pass:

  1. In your web browser's address bar, type the URL of the Unleashed Guest Pass Generation page:
  2. In User Name, type your user name. In Password, type your password.
    Note: This user must have guest pass generation privileges, as described in Controlling Guest Pass Generation Privileges.

    Request a Guest Pass

  3. Click Log In. The Guest Information page appears. On this page, you need to provide information about the guest user to enable Unleashed to generate the guest pass.
  4. On the Guest Information page, fill in the following options:
    • Creation Type: Choose Single to generate a single guest pass. To generate multiple guest passes in batch, see Generating and Printing Multiple Guest Passes at Once.
    • Full Name: Type the name of the guest user for whom you are generating the guest pass.
    • Valid for: Specify the time period when the guest pass will be valid. Do this by typing a number in the blank box, and then selecting a time unit (Hours, Days or Weeks).
    • WLAN: Select the WLAN for this guest (typically, a "guest" WLAN).
    • Email (optional): Enter the email address for this user.
    • Phone Number (optional): Enter a phone number for this user.
    • Key: Leave as is if you want to use the random key that Unleashed generated. If you want to use a key that is easy to remember, delete the random key, and then type a custom key. For example, if Unleashed generated the random key OVEGS-RZKKF, you can change it to "joe-guest-key". Customized keys must be between 1 and 16 ASCII characters.
      Note: Each guest pass key must be unique and is distributed on all guest WLANs. Therefore, you cannot create the same guest pass for use on multiple WLANs.
    • Remarks (optional): Type any notes or comments. For example, if the guest user is a visitor from a partner organization, you can type the name of the organization.
    • Sharable: Use this option to allow multiple users to share a single guest pass.
    • Session: Enable this check box and select a time increment after which guests will be required to log in again. If this feature is disabled, connected users will not be required to re-log in until the guest pass expires.

    Creating a Guest Pass

  5. Click Next. The Guest Pass Generated page appears. This page presents the guest pass code and a list of options for delivering this code to your guest(s). Options include email (if you configured an email address for the guest), SMS (if you configured a phone number for the guest) and Print Instructions.
  6. If you want to print out the guest access instructions, select the guest pass instructions that you want to print out from the drop-down menu. If you did not create custom guest pass printouts, select Default.
  7. Click Print Instructions. A new browser page appears and displays the guest pass instructions. At the same time, the Print dialog box appears.
  8. Select the printer that you want to use, and then click OK to print the guest pass instructions.
You have completed generating and delivering a guest pass for your guest user.

Wireless Access Portal

Guest Pass Generated

Sample Guest Pass Printout

If you want to create additional guest passes one by one, click Create Another Guest Pass. Alternatively, you can generate multiple guest passes in batch as described in Generating and Printing Multiple Guest Passes at Once.