Enabling Guest Pass Self-Service

Use the following procedure to allow visitors to self-activate their devices to your Guest WLAN(s).

To enable Guest Pass Self-Service for a Guest WLAN:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi Networks, and click Create to create a new guest WLAN, or Edit to edit an existing WLAN.
  2. Enter a Name for the WLAN, and in Usage Type, select Guest Access.
  3. Click Next. The second WLAN creation screen appears.
  4. Locate the Guest Pass Self-Service option and select the Enable guest pass self service button. Additional options appear.

    Select Enable Guest Pass Self Service

  5. Configure the following options as required:
    • Access Duration: Select the default access time provided with one guest pass in days, hours or weeks. (Default is one day.)
    • Session: Optionally, enable the session limitation to require guest pass users to re-login after the specified time period.
    • Max Device: Allow multiple devices to share a single guest pass. (Default is one device.)
    • Sponsor Approval: Select this option to require email approval for issuing self-service guest passes. (See Requiring Sponsor Approval for Self-Service Guest Pass Authentication.)
    • Notification Method: Select whether the guest pass will be delivered via email, SMS, or displayed directly on the device screen. When Sponsor Approval is selected, the Device Screen option is not allowed.
    • Terms and Conditions: Enable this option to display a message to the user before proceeding to registration/authentication.
  6. Click OK to save your changes.