Enabling/Disabling Rogue AP Detection

To enable/disable and configure Rogue Access Point detection:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > WIPS > Intrusion Detection and Prevention.
  2. Configure the following settings:
    • Enable report rogue devices: Enable this check box to include rogue device detection in logs and email alarm event notifications.
      • Report all rogue devices: Send alerts for all rogue AP events.
      • Report only malicious rogue devices of type: Select which event types to report.
    • Protect the network from malicious rogue access points: Enable this feature to automatically protect your network from network connected rogue APs, WLAN-spoofing APs and MAC-spoofing APs. When one of these rogue APs is detected (and this check box is enabled), the Ruckus AP automatically begins sending broadcast de-authentication messages spoofing the rogue's BWLAN (MAC) to prevent wireless clients from connecting to the malicious rogue AP. This option is disabled by default.
  3. Click Apply to save your changes.

    Intrusion Detection and Prevention