Dynamic PSK

Use this page to batch generate multiple DPSKs using a csv file that can be edited in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel).

Creating a DPSK batch generation profile is useful if you want to customize the user names that will be used for accessing the DPSK WLAN, as opposed to user names such as "BatchDPSK_User_1," etc.

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Dynamic PSK.
  2. In the Dynamic PSK Batch Generation tab, look for the following message: To download an example of profile, click here.
  3. Click the click here link to download a sample profile.
  4. Save the sample batch DPSK profile (in CSV format) to your computer.
  5. Using a spreadsheet application, open the CSV file and edit the batch dynamic PSK profile by filling out the following columns:
    • User Name: (Required) Type the name of the user (one name per row).
    • MAC Address: (Optional) If you know the MAC address of the device that the user will be using, type it here.
  6. Go back to the Dynamic PSK Batch Generation screen, and click the Choose File button to upload the CSV file you edited.
  7. Select the Target WLAN and Number to Create.
  8. Click Generate to generate the custom DPSKs that you modified.
After the DPSKs have been generated, you can download the same file (with the passphrases filled in) by clicking the Click Here link at the end of the "To download the generated DPSK record, click here" sentence.

Dynamic PSK batch generation