Deploying a Guest WLAN

Unleashed provides extensive options for customizing guest wireless networks, both in terms of how users connect, and what access privileges they are given once connected.

  1. Go to Wi-Fi Networks > Create.
  2. Type a Name for the guest WLAN.
  3. In Usage Type, select Guest Access.

    Create a new Guest WLAN

  4. In Guest Authentication, choose either to password protect this guest WLAN, or to allow anyone to connect with no password required ("Open" authentication).
  5. If you selected Yes, password protect my internet in the previous step, choose one of the following:
    • Unique password for each guest: Guest Passes must first be generated, in batch or individually, for each visitor before they will be able to log in using a guest pass. For more information, see Working with Guest Passes.
    • Single shared password among all guests: This option allows you to skip the Guest Pass requirement, and simply provide a single password for all visitors.

    Select single shared password among all guests or unique password for each guest

  6. In Validity Period, choose whether the guest passes will be effective from first use or effective from creation time, and enter a value for Expire new guest passes if not used within ___ days if the effective from first use option is selected.
  7. In Onboarding Portal, choose whether to allow guests the option to register their devices on your internal (non-guest) WLANs using the Onboarding Portal. For more information, see Using the BYOD Onboarding Portal.
  8. Optionally, click Show Advanced Options, and configure any advanced options, such as restricted subnet access, WLAN priority, access controls, application visibility, etc. See Advanced Configuration Options for more information.
  9. Click Next.
  10. The next screen prompts you to either use the Ruckus logo or upload your own logo to be displayed on the Guest Access login page. You can customize any of the following:
    • Company Logo: If you want to include a logo, you will need to prepare a web-ready graphic file, in one of three acceptable formats (.JPG, .GIF or .PNG). Make sure the logo file meets the following specifications:
      • Length: 138 x 40 pixels
      • File size: 20kB
    • Welcome Message: The default welcome message, "Welcome to the Guest Access login page" can be replaced with any text you choose.
    • User Redirection URL: Choose whether to redirect the user to the original website he/she wanted to visit after successful login, or to redirect to a URL you specify in the Redirect user to this website field.
    • Terms and Conditions: Choose whether to display the terms and conditions before guests can access your network. You can also edit the default terms and conditions by clicking Show Preview, and replacing the default text with any text you choose.
    • Guest Pass Self-Service: Allow users to self-authenticate their clients to your guest WLAN. For more information, see Guest Pass Self-Service.
  11. Click OK to save your changes.
  12. The next screen prompts you to begin the configuration for email and SMS delivery of Guest Passes. Click Yes to configure email and SMS settings, or click No to skip this step. You can configure these settings later from the Admin & Services pages, if you prefer. See Configuring Email and SMS Settings for more information.

    Continue to configure email and SMS delivery settings

  13. Continue to Configuring Email and SMS Settings.