Delivering Guest Passes via SMS

If you want to deliver Guest Passes to your guests via SMS, you can configure Unleashed to use an existing Twilio or Clickatell account for SMS delivery. The first step is to configure Unleashed to be able to access your Twilio or Clickatell account information.

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Guest Access Service > SMS.
  2. In SMS Settings, enable the check box next to Enable SMS Server.
  3. Enter your Account SID, Auth Token and From Phone Number (Twilio) or your User Name, Password and API ID (Clickatell).
  4. Click the Test button to test your settings.
  5. Once confirmed, click Apply to save your changes.
You can now allow guest pass generators to deliver guest pass codes to guests using the SMS button when generating a new guest pass. (You must also enter a phone number for receiving the SMS messages for each guest pass created.)

Configuring SMS settings

Note: To customize the content of the SMS message that guest pass users will receive, follow the instructions in the Customize the SMS Content section.