Creating a Layer 2/MAC Address Access Control List

Using the Access Controls configuration options, you can define Layer 2/MAC address ACLs, which can then be applied to one or more WLANs (upon WLAN creation or edit). ACLs are either allow-only or deny-only; that is, an ACL can be set up to allow only specified clients or to deny only specified clients. MAC addresses that are in the deny list are blocked at the AP, not necessarily at the Unleashed Master AP.

To configure an L2/MAC ACL:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Access Control > L2/MAC Access Control.
  2. Click Create New. The ACL Create New form appears.
  3. Type a Name for the ACL, and optionally, a Description of the ACL.
  4. Select the Restriction mode as either allow or deny.
  5. Type a MAC address in the MAC Address text box, and then click Create New to save the address. The new MAC address that you added appears next to the Stations field. You can enter up to 128 MAC addresses per ACL.
  6. Click OK to save the L2/MAC based ACL.
You can create up to 32 L2/MAC ACL rules and each rule can contain up to 128 MAC addresses. Each WLAN can be configured with one L2 ACL.

Creating a Layer 2 ACL to deny specific MAC addresses