Creating a Layer 3/Layer 4/IP Address Access Control List

In addition to L2/MAC based ACLs, Unleashed also provides access control options at Layer 3 and Layer 4.

This means that you can configure the access control options based on a set of criteria, including:
  • Destination IP Address
  • Application
  • Protocol
  • Destination Port

To create an L3/L4/IP address based ACL:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Access Control > L3/4/IP Address Access Control.
  2. Click Create New. The ACL Create New form appears.
  3. Type a Name for the ACL, and optionally, a Description of the ACL.
  4. In Default Mode, set the default access privilege (allow all or deny all) that you want to grant all users by default.
  5. In Rules, click Create New or click Edit to edit an existing rule.
  6. Define each access policy by configuring a combination of the following:
    • Type: The access privilege (allow or deny) that this policy grants.
    • Destination Address: Enter an IP subnet and netmask of the network target to which you want to allow or deny access. (IP address must be in the format A.B.C.D/M, where M is the subnet mask.) Otherwise, select Any. For example, if you enter, the rule would allow or deny the entire Class C subnet. To allow/deny a single host, use /32 as the netmask.
    • Application: If you select a specific application from the menu, the Protocol and Destination Port options are automatically filled with the relevant values and are not configurable.
    • Protocol: Enter a network protocol number (0-254), as defined by the IANA ( to allow or deny. Otherwise, select Any.
    • Destination Port: Enter a valid port number (1-65534) or port range (e.g., 80-443).
  7. Click OK to save the ACL.
  8. Repeat these steps to create up to 32 L3/L4/IP address-based access control rules.

Configuring a Layer 3/4/IP address-based ACL