Creating a Guest Pass Profile

  1. Log in to the guest pass generation page.
  2. In Creation Type, click Multiple.
  3. Click the click here link in To download a profile sample, click here.
  4. Save the sample guest pass profile (in CSV format) to your computer.
  5. Using a spreadsheet application, open the CSV file and edit the guest pass profile by filling out the following columns:
    • #Guest Name: Type the name of the guest user (one name per row).
    • Remarks: (Optional) Type any note or remarks about the guest pass.
    • Key: Type a guest pass key consisting of 1-16 alphanumeric characters. If you want Unleashed to generate the guest pass key automatically, leave this column blank.
  6. Go back to the Guest Information page, and then complete steps 4 to 8 in Generating and Printing Multiple Guest Passes at Once to upload the guest pass profile and generate multiple guest passes.