Creating a Guest Pass Operator

Guest Pass Operators are individuals within an organization who have the authority to generate guest passes for visitors.

This task describes how to create a user role for a category of user that is allowed to generate and manage guest passes.

  1. After configuring Email and SMS settings, you will be prompted to configure a Guest Pass Operator.

    Optionally configure a Guest Pass Operator now

  2. Click Yes to configure this role now. Or click No Later to configure these settings later.
    Note: To configure additional operator roles, go to Admin & Services > System > Roles > Create New, select the guest WLAN(s) to allow, and check Allow Guest Pass Generation for the selected WLAN(s).
  3. If you clicked Yes, you will be presented with the Guest Pass Operator configuration screen. Use this screen to configure the following options:
    • Name: Enter a unique name for the operator role.
    • Description: Optional description of the role.
    • Group Attributes: Used by AAA servers to authenticate the user.
    • Available WLANs: The list of available WLANs that the operator is allowed to choose from.
    • Selected WLANs: The list of WLANs for which the operator can issue guest passes.

    Create Guest Pass Operator - step 1

  4. Use the arrows to move WLANs to/from the list of Available WLANs to Selected WLANs for which the Guest Pass Operator will be allowed to issue guest passes.
  5. Click Next to continue.

    Move WLANs from available to selected

  6. On the next screen that appears, Guest Pass Operator - Step 2: Create User, enter a user name and password to create a user with this role.

    Create Guest Pass Operator - step 2

  7. You have completed creating a user with the Guest Pass operator role. The confirmation screen displays the URL where this user can create guest passes.
    Note: Users with the Guest Pass operator role can login to or https://[host_ip_address]/guestpass using the above user credentials.

    Guest pass operator created, to create a guest pass go to URL

  8. To create additional users for the operator role, go to Admin & Services > System > Users > Create New, and attach the above role to the user.