Creating a Custom Guest Pass Printout

The guest pass printout is a printable HTML page that contains instructions for the guest pass user on how to connect to the wireless network.

The authenticated user who is generating the guest pass will need to print out this HTML page and provide it to the guest pass user. A guest pass in English and one in French are included by default.

As administrator, you can create custom guest pass printouts. For example, if your organization receives visitors who speak different languages, you can create guest pass printouts in other languages.

To create a custom guest pass printout:

  1. Go to System & Admin > Services > Guest Access Service > Guest Pass Printout Customization.
  2. Click the click here link to download an example of an existing printout.

    Guest Pass Printout customization

  3. Save the HTML file to your computer.
  4. Using a text or HTML editor, customize the guest pass printout. Note that only ASCII characters can be used. You can do any or all of the following:
    • Reword the instructions
    • Translate the instructions to another language
    • Customize the HTML formatting
      Note: The guest pass printout contains several tokens or variables that are substituted with actual data when the guest pass is generated. When you customize the guest pass printout, make sure that these tokens are not deleted. For more information on these tokens, see Guest Pass Printout Tokens.
  5. Go back to the Guest Pass Printout Customization screen, and then click Create New. The Create New form appears.

    Create New Guest Pass Printout file

  6. In Name, type a name for the guest pass printout that you are creating. For example, if this guest pass printout is in Spanish, you can type Spanish.
  7. In Description (optional), add a brief description of the guest pass printout.
  8. Click Choose File, select the HTML file that you customized earlier, and then click Open. Unleashed copies the HTML file to its database.
  9. Click Import to save the HTML file to the Unleashed AP.
You have completed creating a custom guest pass printout. When users generate a guest pass, the custom printout that you created will appear as one of the options that they can print.