Configuring Global WLAN Settings

Select the Summary box and click Edit to edit global settings for all WLANs.

  1. To configure global settings for all WLANs, expand the Wi-Fi Networks section, select the Summary WLAN box, and click the Edit button.

    Click Edit to configure global settings for all WLANs

  2. When the Global Configuration dialog appears, select any of the following tabs to configure settings for all WLANs:
    • Zero-IT Activation: Select an Authentication Server from the list, or click Create Service to create a new one.
    • Bypass Apple CNA Feature: Select WLAN types that will enable the Bypass Apple CNA feature.
    • Web Portal Logo: Replace the Ruckus Wireless logo with your own logo to be displayed on the login page when clients connect to a Web Auth WLAN.
      Note: The recommended image size is 138 x 40 pixels. Max file size is 20kb.
    • Users: Create new users on the internal database.
  3. Click Apply to save your changes.

    Global Configuration settings for all WLANs