Configuring the System Time

By default, the Unleashed network automatically updates its system time using the Network Time Protocol (NTP), which periodically polls an NTP server and synchronizes its time with the NTP server. You can also sync time with your PC to manually synchronize the internal clock with your admin PC's clock.

To configure the system time:

  1. Go to Admin & Services > System > System Time.
  2. The System Time page provides the following options:
    • Refresh: Click this to update the Unleashed time display (a static snapshot) from the internal clock.
    • Use NTP Server (Enabled by default): Clear this check box to disable this option.
    • NTP Server: The default NTP server is maintained by Ruckus Wireless, and is located at If you would like to use a different NTP server, enter the DNS name or IP address from which Unleashed will sync its clock.
    • Select time zone for your location: Choose your time zone from the dropdown menu. Setting the proper time zone ensures that timestamps on log files are in the proper time zone.
    • Sync Time with your PC: If needed, click this to update the internal clock with the current time settings from your administration PC.
  3. Click Apply to save the results of any resynchronization or NTP server settings changes.

    System Time