Configuring Guest Subnet Restrictions

By default, guest pass users are automatically blocked from the Unleashed network subnet (format: A.B.C.D/M) and the subnet of the AP to which the guest user is connected.

If you want to create additional rules that allow or restrict guest users from specific subnets, use the Restricted Subnet Access section.

You can create up to 22 subnet access rules, which will be enforced both on both the Unleashed Master AP and all connected member APs.

To create a guest access rule for a subnet:

  1. Go to Wi-Fi Networks and click Create to create a new guest WLAN, or Edit to modify an existing guest WLAN.
  2. In Usage Type, ensure that Guest Access is selected.
  3. Click the arrow next to Show Advanced Options to expand the advanced options section.
  4. Click the Restricted Subnet Access tab.
  5. Click Create New to create a new subnet restriction. Text boxes appear under the table columns in which you can enter parameters that define the access rule.
  6. Under Description, type a name or description for the access rule that you are creating.
  7. Under Type, select Deny if this rule will prevent guest users from accessing certain subnets, or select Allow if this rule will allow them access.
  8. Under Destination Address, type the IP address and subnet mask (format: A.B.C.D/M) on which you want to allow or deny users access.
  9. If you want to allow or restrict subnet access based on the application, protocol, or destination port used, click the Advanced Options link, and then configure the settings.
  10. Click OK to save the subnet access rule.
  11. Repeat Steps 5 to 10 to create up to 22 subnet access rules.

    Configuring guest Restricted Subnet Access