Configuring Email and SMS Settings

Email and SMS services must be configured if you want to send emails and SMS messages to your guests containing their guest pass login details.

If you did not configure email and SMS settings when you created a Guest WLAN, or you need to modify any of the email/SMS settings, you can do so at any time from the Admin & Services pages.

  1. Go to Admin & Services > Services > Guest Access Service.
  2. In the Email tab, enable the Enable Email Server check box.
  3. Enter the following for your email server:
    • From email address: Type the email address from which Unleashed will send email messages.
    • SMTP Server name: Type the full name of the server provided by your ISP or mail administrator. Often, the SMTP server name is in the format
    • SMTP Server port: Type the SMTP port number provided by your ISP or mail administrator. Often, the SMTP port number is 25 or 587. The default SMTP port value is 587.
    • SMTP Authentication username: Type the user name provided by your ISP or mail administrator. This might be just the part of your email address before the @ symbol, or it might be your complete email address. If you are using a free email service (such as Hotmail or Gmail), you typically have to type your complete email address.
    • SMTP Authentication password: Type the password that is associated with the user name above.
    • Confirm SMTP Authentication password: Retype the password you typed above to confirm.
    • SMTP Encryption Options: If your mail server uses TLS encryption, click the SMTP Encryption Options link, and then select the TLS check box. Additionally, select the STARTTLS check box that appears after you select the TLS check box. Check with your ISP or mail administrator for the correct encryption settings that you need to set.
  4. To verify that Unleashed can send email messages using the SMTP settings you configured, click the Test button.
    • If Unleashed is able to send the test message, the message Success! appears at the bottom of the Email Notification page.
    • If Unleashed is unable to send the test message, the message Failed! appears at the bottom of the Email Notification page. Go back to the previous step, and then verify that the SMTP settings are correct.
  5. Click Apply. The email notification settings you configured become active immediately.

    Email Server settings

  6. Select the SMS Settings tab to configure a Twilio or Clickatell account to delivery guest passes via SMS.
  7. Select either Twilio account information or Clickatell account information. Enter your Account SID, Auth Token and From Phone Number (Twilio) or your User Name, Password and API ID (Clickatell). Click the Test button to test your settings. Once confirmed, click Apply to save your changes.

    SMS Settings

  8. Continue to Creating a Guest Pass Operator.