Advanced WLAN Options

To edit the advanced options for a WLAN:

  1. Select the WLAN you want to configure from the Wi-Fi Networks component and click Edit, or click Create to create a new custom WLAN.
  2. Click the arrow next to Show advanced options to expand the advanced options section.

    Click Show Advanced Options

    WLAN advanced options

  3. Configure the following advanced options according to your preferences:
    • Priority: Contains options for setting the WLAN's priority level, WLAN visibility, Access VLAN, Max Clients and Service Schedule. See WLAN Priority Settings.
    • Access Control: Contains options for configuring Call Admission Control, Rate Limiting, Access Controls, Application Visibility and Application Denial Policies. See Access Control Settings.
    • Radio Control: Contains options for configuring radio settings including Fast BSS transition, Background Scanning, Load Balancing and Band Balancing. See Radio Control Settings.
    • Others: Contains options for configuring Force DHCP, client Inactivity Timeout, and Wireless Client Isolation. See Other WLAN Settings.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.