Using the Dashboard Components

With the exception of the Internet component, each of the five Dashboard components can be expanded by clicking anywhere in the section to display more detailed information and links to configuration options for that component.


This component currently does not provide detailed information or links to additional options. It displays whether the Unleashed network is connected to the Internet or not.

Wi-Fi Networks

This component displays an overview of the wireless LANs that you have deployed. Its three categories display the numbers of Total wireless LANs, the number that are currently in Working state, and those that are in Disabled state.

Each of the three categories can be clicked to view a detailed list of the WLANs in the Total, Working or Disabled category.

Wi-Fi Networks - click the section to display a list of all WLANs


The Clients component provides an overview of the number of Total, Connected and Blocked clients. When expanded, the Clients sub-component provides additional options to search for a client by MAC address, to show details on a client, to temporarily delete a client or to permanently block a client.

Clients Component

Access Points

The Access Points component provides an overview of the Unleashed APs in your network, and is divided into three subsections: Total, Working and Disconnected. Click any of the three subsection buttons to expand the Access Points component and display a list of APs in that category.

When the Access Points component is expanded, it displays a list of all of the APs being managed by your Unleashed Master AP. The list includes all APs - including the Master AP itself, currently connected member APs, as well as any APs that have previously joined but are currently disconnected.

Each AP (whether working or disconnected) is represented by one of the large boxes on the left side of the screen. Click one of the AP boxes to display details about that specific AP.

Access Points component - click an AP box to display details on that AP

Admin & Services

The Admin & Services component provides options for configuring system settings and services such as system IP address, Dynamic PSK, Bonjour Gateway, Application Recognition, Guest Access, Hotspot service, Radio Control settings and Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) services.

Admin & Services component