Unleashed Network Overview

A Ruckus Unleashed network consists of an Unleashed Master AP and up to 24 Unleashed member APs (max 25 total).

In addition to serving Wi-Fi clients like a normal AP, the Unleashed Master AP also performs the same functions as a ZoneDirector controller would perform; i.e., all control functions are performed through the controller and pushed to the other APs on the network.

An Unleashed member AP joins a Master AP in the same subnet automatically. Unleashed member APs will not attempt to join a ZoneDirector or SmartZone controller on the network. The Unleashed Master AP also serves clients and performs all of the functions of a regular member AP.

If the Master AP is offline, one of the Member APs will assume the role of Master.

The following figure illustrates the basic components of an Unleashed network.

Basic Unleashed Network topology