Show System Overview

Click this link to display the AP's system information.

Click the Show System Overview link to display detailed information on this AP. The expanded section displays the AP's general information, radio channels in use, mesh type, max clients, firmware version, and two buttons: Save Logs and Speed Test. Click Save Logs to generate a txt log file that can be useful for troubleshooting. Click Speed Test to measure the AP's connection performance.

Note: The Max Clients displayed for the Unleashed Master AP may be lower than the configured maximum, as the Unleashed Master has to perform additional tasks other than serving clients. The Master AP maximum client load varies by AP model. These limits apply only to the current Unleashed Master AP. All other member APs will honor the max clients set from the global AP model-specific controls page (Access Points > Summary > Edit > Others > Max Clients) .

System Overview Info

Viewing an AP's System Overview

Click Save Logs to save the AP's current log file as a txt file on your computer