Configuring Debug Logs

You can use the Diagnostics > Debug Info page to configure which debug components to include in log files and on the Events page.
Note: Check the box Debug log per APs or clients MAC address and enter AP/Client info to filter debug output for a specific AP or client.
You can also save the log files using the Save Debug Info button. If you request assistance from Ruckus technical support, you may be asked to supply detailed debug information from Unleashed. Click the Save Debug Info button, and then save the file to your computer. You can then email this file to Ruckus Support to assist with troubleshooting.
Note: As of release 200.2, the Unleashed Master AP's log files also contain all of the member APs' support info.

You can also allow the Unleashed Master to automatically save log files to a specified FTP or TFTP server in the event of a controller process failure. By default, this feature is disabled. When enabled, the Unleashed Master will send the core, dump, and debug files to an FTP/TFTP server before restart. This information can be very useful in debugging controller reboot issues. To enable this feature, select the check box next to Enable upload debug logs to remote server, select FTP or TFTP, and enter the server address only (for TFTP) or Host, Port, Username and Password (for FTP).

The Debug Info page