Channel Optimization

If your Country Code is set to "United States," an additional configuration option, Channel Optimization, is shown. This feature allows you to choose whether additional DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels in the 5 GHz band should be available for use by your APs.

Note that these settings only affect Ruckus Wireless APs that support the extended DFS channel list. Channel Optimization settings are described in the following table.

The 5 GHz channels available for AP use are the following:
Table 1. Channel Optimization settings for US Country Code
Setting Description Use this setting when
Optimize for Compatibility DFS-capable Unleashed APs are limited to the same channels as all other APs (non-DFS channels only). You have a mixture of APs that support DFS channels and other Ruckus APs that do not support DFS channels in a Smart Mesh configuration.
Optimize for Interoperability Unleashed APs are limited to non-DFS channels, plus four DFS channels supported by Centrino systems (may not be compatible with other wireless NICs). You have only DFS-capable APs in your network, or Smart Mesh is not enabled, and you are confident that all wireless clients support DFS channels.
Optimize for Performance Unleashed APs can use all available DFS and non-DFS channels, without regard for compatibility or interoperability You have only DFS-capable APs in your network, you are not concerned with DFS compatibility of client devices, and you want to make the maximum use of all possible available channels.