Channel Mode

The Channel Mode option allows you to configure outdoor APs to use channels regulated as indoor-only.

Some countries restrict certain 5 GHz channels to indoor use only. For instance, Germany restricts channels in the 5.15 GHz to 5.25 GHz band to indoor use. When an Unleashed outdoor AP is set to a country code where these restrictions apply, the AP can no longer be set to an indoor-only channel and will no longer select from amongst a channel set that includes these indoor-only channels when SmartSelect or Auto Channel selection is used, unless the administrator configures the AP to allow use of these channels.

For instance, if the AP is installed in a challenging indoor environment such as a warehouse, the administrator may want to allow the AP to use an indoor-only channel. These channels can be enabled for use through the web interface by configuring the Channel Mode and checking Allow indoor channels. If you have an indoor AP functioning as a Root AP with outdoor APs functioning as Mesh APs, the mesh backhaul link must initially use a non-indoor-only channel. Your outdoor Mesh APs may fail to join if the mesh backhaul link is using a restricted indoor-only channel.