Backing up and Restoring ICX Switch Configuration

SmartZone can back up the switch's running configuration. By default, SmartZone makes a backup of switch configuration on a daily basis. When needed, these backups can be restored to the switch. While performing network maintenance, you can initiate a backup without having to wait for the daily backup.

Perform the following steps to configure ICX switch backups.

Be sure to sync the controller to the NTP server during installation. You can also do this from System > General Setting > Time.
  1. From the left pane, select Switches.
    The ICX Switches page is displayed.
  2. From the ICX Switches page, select the switch for which you want to backup the configuration and click More.
    Figure 47  Configuring Backup
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Config Backup.
    A confirmation message is displayed asking whether to continue with the backup.
  4. Click Yes. A message is displayed confirming that the backup process has been initiated.
    After the backup is completed, the status is recorded in the Backup & Restore tab.
    • As soon as the switch connects to the controller, and when it is online, the controller retrieves all the information about the switch.
    • The controller maintains seven of the latest configuration backups for each ICX switch.
    • The controller automatically backs up the configuration of each switch, once, every 24 hours.
    • If a previous switch configuration matches the current configuration, the latest configuration is saved and the old configuration is removed.

    You can restore an individual switch to its previous configuration by clicking Config Restore. A message is displayed stating the restore operation is initiated and that the system must be rebooted for the configuration changes to take effect.

    For switches, you can click Config Diff to view differences in configuration details, click Config View to see the configuration details from the Switch Config View screen and click Config Download to download the copy of the configuration file.

    You can delete a configuration file by selecting it and clicking Delete.