Long-reach multimode adaptor module

Ruckus ICX7150, ICX7250, and ICX7750 Ethernet switches require a long-Reach Multimode (LRM) adaptor module to support LRM optics connections.

The Ruckus LRM adaptor module has two 280 mm Twinax tails and two corresponding SFP+ sockets which operate independently. Power for each of the SFP+ sockets and for the adaptor is provided through the Twinax connections.

The LRM adaptor module requires FastIron software release 08.0.61 or later on the host Ruckus ICX switches. The LRM adaptor module is not field configurable, rather you can apply all configuration to the host switch port. Use the show lrm-adapter ethernet command to display the status of the LRM module.

LRM module part numbers

The LRM adaptor module is available in the models listed in the following table.

Table 12 LRM module models
Model/Part number Description
10G-SFPP-LRM-1-ADP 10G LRM SFP+ Optic, 1-pack bundle with LRM adapter; includes a rack-mount bracket.
10G-SFPP-LRM-2-ADP 10G LRM SFP+ Optic, 2-pack bundle with LRM adapter; includes rack-mount brackets.
RMK-LRM-ADP 19-inch LRM Adapter Rack Mount Shelf Kit (supports 8 units).
Figure 61  LRM adaptor module
  1. Port 1
  2. Port 2
  3. Passive cable (280 mm)
  4. 10G LRM cages
  5. Adaptor body

The LRM adaptor module ships with either one or two LRM optics (10G-SFPP-LRM) depending on the model that you purchased.

LRM adaptor module specifications

  • Compatible with SFP+ ports on the ICX7150, ICX7250, and ICX7750
  • Two independent SFP+ sockets for LRM optics
  • Two integrated Twinax cables for power and data connectivity to the host switch
  • Each port can operate at either 1Gbps or 10Gbps


On the LRM adaptor module, two LEDs indicate the power status and link status of each connection.
Figure 62  System and link LEDs
  1. System LED
  2. Link LEDs
Table 13 System and link status LEDs
System component Description
System status LEDs LED off: No power

Amber: Power applied, no link

Link status LEDs Steady Green: Link up

Blinking Green: Link activity

ICX platform support for the LRM adaptor module

Platform Total number of modules supported Total number of LRM connections
ICX7150-C12P 1 2
ICX7150-24 and -48 models 2 4
ICX7150-48ZP 4 8
ICX7250-24 and -48 models 4 8
ICX7750-48F 6 12 (see the note below)
Note: On the ICX7750-48F, the connections must be distributed across the SFP+ ports as follows:
  • Maximum three LRM modules on ports 1/1/1 to 1/1/32
  • Maximum three LRM modules on ports 1/1/33 to 1/1/48

Unpacking the LRM adaptor module

When unpacking the LRM adaptor module, verify that the shipping carton has the items as listed below. Save the shipping carton and packaging incase you need to return the shipment.
  • One LRM adaptor module
  • One or two L-shaped mounting bracket (depending on the model purchased)
  • One or two 10G-SFPP-LRM optics (depending on the model purchased)
  • China-RoHS Hazardous and Toxic Substance statement