Customizing the host name and chassis name

Changing the host name, contact, and location is important for distinguishing and identifying the device uniquely and for accurate tracking of logs and errors. The messages that appear in the log are labeled with the chassis name, which makes tracking the errors much easier. Specify an easily understandable and meaningful host name and chassis name.

Perform the following steps to change the host name and then the chassis name.

  1. Customize the host name, contact, and location using the following commands. When you configure a host name, the name replaces the default system name in the device CLI prompt.
    device(config)# hostname sj_device1
    sj_device1(config)# snmp-server contact Support Services
    sj_device1(config)# snmp-server location San Jose
    sj_device1(config)# end
    sj_device1# write memory

    The name, contact, and location each can be up to 255 alphanumeric characters. The text strings can contain blanks. The SNMP text strings do not require quotation marks when they contain blanks but the host name does.

  2. Change the chassis name by using the chassis name command.
    device(config)# chassis name SJ001
    sj_device1(config)# end
    sj_device1# write memory

    The chassis name command does not change the device CLI prompt. Instead, the command assigns an administrative ID to the device.