Foundry Discovery Protocol overview

The Foundry Discovery Protocol (FDP) enables Ruckus devices to advertise themselves to other Ruckus devices on the network. When you enable FDP on a Ruckus device, the device periodically advertises information including the following:

  • Hostname (device ID)
  • Product platform and capability
  • Software version
  • VLAN and Layer 3 protocol address information for the port sending the update. IP information is supported.
FDP is not supported on port extender (PE) ports.

A Ruckus device running FDP sends FDP updates on Layer 2 to MAC address 00-00-00-CC-CC-CC. Other Ruckus devices listening on that address receive the updates and can display the information in the updates. Ruckus devices can send and receive FDP updates on ethernet interfaces.

FDP is disabled by default.

If FDP is not enabled on a Ruckus device that receives an FDP update or the device is running a software release that does not support FDP, the update passes through the device at Layer 2.