Assigning a different VLAN ID to the default VLAN

When you enable port-based VLANs, all ports in the system are added to the default VLAN. By default, the default VLAN ID is "VLAN 1". The default VLAN is not configurable. If you want to use the VLAN ID "VLAN 1" as a configurable VLAN, you can assign a different VLAN ID to the default VLAN.

To reassign the default VLAN to a different VLAN ID, enter the following command.

device(config)# default-vlan-id 4095

You must specify a valid VLAN ID that is not already in use. For example, if you have already defined VLAN 10, do not try to use "10" as the new VLAN ID for the default VLAN.

This command does not change the properties of the default VLAN. Changing the name allows you to use the VLAN ID "1" as a configurable VLAN.