Configuring a global loop detection interval

The loop detection interval specifies how often a test packet is sent on a port. When loop detection is enabled, the loop detection time unit is 0.1 second, with a default of 10 (one second). The range is from 1 (one tenth of a second) to 100 (10 seconds). You can use the show loop-detection status command to view the loop detection interval.

To configure the global loop detection interval, enter a command similar to the following.

device(config)# loop-detection-interval 50

This command sets the loop-detection interval to 5 seconds (50 x 0.1).

To revert to the default global loop detection interval of 10, enter one of the following.

device(config)# loop-detection-interval 10


device(config)# no loop-detection-interval 50

Syntax: [no] loop-detection-interval number

where number is a value from 1 to 100. The system multiplies your entry by 0.1 to calculate the interval at which test packets will be sent.