VRRP-Ev2 overview

VRRP Extended (VRRP-E) is an extended version of VRRP. VRRP-E is designed to avoid the limitations in the standards-based VRRP.

To create VRRP-E, Brocade has implemented the following differences from RFC 3768 which describes VRRPv2 to provide extended functionality and ease of configuration:

  • VRRP-E does not include the concept of an owner device, and a master VRRP-E is determined by the priority configured on the device.
  • While the VRRP-E virtual router IP address must belong in the same subnet as a real IP address assigned to a physical interface of the device on which VRRP-E is configured, it must not be the same as any of the actual IP addresses on any interface.
  • Configuring VRRP-E uses the same task steps for all devices; there are no differences between master and backup device configuration. The device configured with the highest priority assumes the master role.

VRRP-E is not supported on non-Brocade devices and does not interoperate with VRRP sessions on Brocade devices.